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Drexler Ceramic is one of the fastest-growing brands in the detailing industry, currently based in South of France and Miami, FL. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries in 2019.

In order to offer a complete experience to our customers, we have opened our first ceramic coating center in Miami in 2020, please visit www.drexlerceramic-miami.com .

Other centers and opportunities coming soon, stay tuned. 

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Ceramic Coating Kit Wheel Coat Kit Glass Coat Kit CARE Coat 235ml / 8oz Leather Coat Kit

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Take a look at our professional solutions to enhance and protect a whole car. (Interior/Exterior)

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Our exclusive products along with a fast growth plan helped us to expand worldwide both, our brand recognition and our finely selected Certified Detailer network.

- Are you interested in further expanding your business and teaming up with one of the highest quality ceramic coating manufacturers? 

Check out our Certified Detailers Program.


Some exemples

Drexler Ceramic Coating Shelby cobra ac detailing detailer ceramic coating wax polishing professional gloss paint correction polishing

Extreme Gloss

Super shiny Shelby Cobra after applying Drexler Ceramic Coating by one of our Ceramic Coating Center in Miami, USA.

Drexler Ceramic Coating wheels coat coating wheel detailing protection supercar car paint correction ppf

Wheels Protection

Brand new wheels ceramic coated with Drexler Ceramic Wheel Coat, to protect wheels by repelling brake dust and dirt.

No more aggressive wheel cleaning chemicals and equipements, just wash them by applying high pressure water. 

Drexler Ceramic Coating miami rolls Royce ferrari detailing coating detailer paint protection correction dawn 308 GTS GTB ppf carpro ceramic pro

Protect your assets

Drexler Ceramic is daily applied to some of the most exclusive cars in the world to keep them like new and keep their value as high as possible.