Certified Detailers Program

We are constantly looking to build new partnerships with passionate and skilled people, this is one of the reasons we created our Certified Detailers Program.
If you are a detailer from anywhere in the world, motivated and eager to further grow your detailing business by using high end exclusive products, then here is your chance to work with us.
The decision is up to you...

drexler ceramic franchise certified detailing detailer

What are you benefits?
  • You will expand your business by using exclusive high-end products

  • By using our products and teaming with us, you will be able to offer your customers a warranty certificate.

  • We will recommend you to every customer in your geographical area.

  • You will be featured on our Partners Map and social media such as Instagram, Facebook...

  • Our support staff will assist you with all your marketing/technical needs.

  • You'll enjoy discounts on our products. 


    If you are interested to take part in this win/win program, please contact us below by providing us with some information about your business (location, years in detailing, etc.), and we will gladly get back to you.

    • 1 year of experience in professional detailing and ceramic coating.

    • Suitable place to perform ceramic coatings.

    • Raising brand awareness at your detailing studio and on social media. 

    • Regularly perform Drexler Ceramic coatings. 

    • We reserve the right to remove any certification if rules are violated. 


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