Ceramic Coating Instructions

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Finish quality of the Drexler treatment may vary depending on the cleanliness of the paint. Make sure to wash it deeply before applying and that it's completely dry. If you have many swirls on the paint, a polishing work is needed before applying Drexler Ceramic.

Precautions before applying:

- Base coat dries fast, please avoid application under direct sun, otherwise wiping would be imbedded.
- Avoid application in environment temperature under 10°C (50°F)
- Please carry out application under complete cool-off state of the vehicle body, since different temperatures will change the time of product hardening.
- Please completely clean your vehicle body and carry out degreasing before application.
- Please follow the procedures below for best results.
- While wiping base coat, please make sure you are working under good light to avoid remaining residue.


Application procedures:


 - Drip 7-10 drops of Base Coat solution to coating sponge (or coton pads depending on versions). First apply it horizontally, then vertically, with a "#" pattern, a 50x50cm (20x20in) application area is recommended. Please use same quantity on each area for a uniform result.

- Wait for the designated time depending on environment temperature:
- 30°C (86°F): 45 sec
- 20°C (68°F): 1 min
- 10°C (50°F): 1 min 30 sec

- Base coat hardening is directly correlated with temperature and humidity. Curing times may vary. The surface should be still wet, so do not wait too much otherwise it will be hard to remove.

- Wipe the surplus of Base Coat during 4-5 mins with the microfiber towel, in order to make a smooth and shiny surface everywhere you applied it. Do not leave any streaks or smudges.

- Repeat these steps on the rest of the vehicle, still working with a 50/60 cm area to be able to respect apply and wiping times.
- After applying base coat on vehicle, curing time will be between 1h30 and 4 hours depending on temperature before applying the Top Coat.

- If you still have Base Coat, you can apply a 2nd layer after the initial curing time of 1h30/2h on the most exposed panels (front bumper, Hood, etc...)

After curing time, let's apply with the Top Coat to give your car a crazy shine and water repellent:


- Shake before using, then spray Top Coat on your car (not too much) and wipe it with a dry towel, doing the same vertical and horizontal # pattern just like base coat.
- There is no waiting time, you can wipe it immediately with a dry microfiber. Do it on the entire car.
- Depending on the size of your car and the quantity you put on it, you may still have some Top Coat left over. You can use it 6 months later to "feed" the coating.

Once you applied Base Coat and Top Coat, you now have a fully protected car with an exceptional shine. 
For long lasting results, please refrain from putting water on treated surfaces (like rain) for the first 24h, and do not wash your car during the first week.