Wheel Coat Instructions

Precautions before applying:

- Avoid application under direct sun or very hot temperature.
- Avoid application in environment temperature under 10°C (50°F)
- Please carry out application under complete cool-off state of the wheels and calipers. 
- Please completely clean your wheels and carry out degreasing before application.
- Following the procedures below will provide the best results.

Application procedures:

- Add 7-10 drops of Wheel Coat solution to cotton pad.

- Apply on the wheel step by step in order to let it dry about 2-3 mins.

- Wipe with a microfiber after these 2-3 mins (longer if you apply it in a cold environment). 

- Repeat these steps to the next part of the Wheel and then the other wheels. 

- After applying to all 4 wheels, wait between 4h and 6h depending on temperature (6h if temp is lower than 15°C) before taking the car for a drive. (Some brake dust could adhere to the wet coat if not fully cured)

NOTE: For a longer lasting, you can apply a second coat after the 1h30/2h curing time.

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